No Animals in the Library Policy

  • Sorry, no animals may be brought into the library.

  • Exceptions to this may be made for qualified service animals which have been trained to assist a person with a specific disability.

  • A person shall not knowingly present as a qualified service animal, any animal that does not meet a definition of "qualified service animal" pursuant to Section 28-11-2 NMSA 2015.

  • A qualified service animal must be under control at all times in the library.

  • Library staff may ask a person to remove from the library any animal, including a qualified service animal, when that animal's behavior poses a direct and significant threat to the health or safety of others. For example, any animal that displays vicious behavior toward other library members may be excluded. Library staff may ask a person to remove his or her dog if it is barking uncontrollably or if its behavior is disturbing other library members (28-11-3B NMSA 2015).


Qualified Service Animal means any qualified service dog or qualified service miniature horse that has been or is being trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability; but "qualified service animal" does not include a pet, an emotional support animal, a comfort animal or a therapy animal (Definition from the Service Animal Act, New Mexico Statute Chapter 28 Article 11).